Trish Alley, President

Trish holds an MBA in Organizational Development and Behavior. Her career has spanned the corporate world, teaching at the collegiate level, owning several small businesses, and founding  three social profits. In addition to co-founding WholeHeart, Inc., she is the Founder of Wonder & Wisdom and Founder and President of The Wisdom Connection, Inc. In addition, Trish is a Certified Teacher of Creative Kids Yoga and a Reiki Master. Trish's real title at Wholeheart, Spark of Divine Mischief.

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Newcomb Greenleaf

Newcomb is faculty at Goddard College where he teaches Mathematics. He holds a PhD from Princeton University and a BA from Haverford College. Informed by his longtime Buddhist practice, Newcomb is an active participant in the exchange between Buddhism and Western science, particularly through the lens of the mind-body connection. His contribution to an early Mind & Life dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama was published in the book Gentle Bridges and recently he was an active participant in the Science and Non Duality (SAND) conferences. 


marianne O'neil

Marianne is a native Vermonter, who grew up in the Northeast Kingdom.  She has a background in finance, small business management and has served as treasurer on several church and community boards. She is the budget officer for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Vermont and works closely with the Victim Advocate in her current job, obtaining and tracking funding from Washington, D.C. to assist human trafficking victims.  She loves learning and continues to expand her horizons through classes, workshops and travel, in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the diverse community in which we live and our world as a whole. In her spare time, Marianne enjoys painting, drawing, collage, reading, journaling and walks along the river with her adopted Yorkshire terrier, Leya. She currently lives in Winooski, Vermont.


Tara Reynolds, Treasurer

Tara is Executive Director of The Wisdom Connection. She is a Courage & Renewal Facilitator and a graduate of the Vermont Leadership Institute. Tara holds a BA in English from Haverford College. She volunteers as program coordinator for a reading program for fathers incarcerated in the St. Johnsbury Work Camp Correctional Facility.  She lives in Greensboro, Vermont, with a six-year old teacher and spiritual guru named Nadia, who also happens to be her daughter.

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Marissa Colston, Secretary

Marissa has worked in education for over 15 years. She is Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the Westtown School.  With a B.A. from  Swarthmore College and M.A. in Education Leadership from Columbia University she enjoys being both a student and teacher of life. She is in the 2015-16 facilitator preparation cohort for the Center for Courage & Renewal and also leads workshops for adults and youth on topics of  cultural competency to help build shared understanding and empathy among diverse members of a community. She brings a passion for social justice and equity to her work and seeks to ignite the spark for change in us all. In her free time she can be found cooking for those she loves or walking in the woods. She lives in West Chester, PA.

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Ann Lindner

Ann lives on Parker Pond in West Glover, VT where she is dedicating her life to being of service and making the world a better place for all to live. Her professional career included Scientific Data Processing, law, education and Emergency Management. Ann received her MA in Education at Johnson College and was the Program Coordinator for Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) at Goddard College. While on a six month trip to Spain studying meditation and consciousness, Ann became an Ishaya Monk and Meditation Teacher. Ann's greatest desire is to bring peace to the world through a lifestyle based in consciousness and compassion by assisting others to find their own inner peace, which she does through Reiki, Craniosacral massage, sound healing, and spiritual life coaching.


Julie Brooks

Julie brings a love of the outdoors, learning and listening.  An avid cyclist, paddler, hiker, and writer, Julie is currently in seminary at One Spirit Learning Alliance in NYC.  She is a member of the Vermont Courage Cohort and shares: “I am more me because of the Courage work I have done in Vermont.” Julie holds a PhD in Social and Comparative Education from University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Social Work from The Ohio State University.  She is founder and editor of Pedal by Pedal, a zine for women cyclists over forty.  Julie and her spouse, Joellen, currently live in Rochester NY with their four open-hearted four-leggeds, and their hearts are most at home in Vermont.

Past Board Members

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