Community Allies


For Safety, Trust & Respect

Community Allies for Safety, Trust, and Respect is a thoughtful, dedicated group of individuals and organizations exploring the potential of the greater Hardwick area by developing models for positive social change. We strive to cultivate safe spaces, relational trust, and respectful conversations which encourage and support positive social and cultural change.  

"The Community Allies provides an effective forum for organizing around issues that affect the community while helping provide a path to personal clarity and a deeper understanding of how the issues affect other people. "

— Carol Plante, Director, Hardwick Area Community Justice Center


How we began

Our Creation Story

In Fall 2013 there was a heart-breaking murder in Hardwick, Vermont, the result of domestic violence. The Community gathered its grief in a well-attended candlelight vigil hoping the beauty would be healing balm and the reverence an open door to resilience. Those present spoke in hushed tones: There must be something more we can do.

What I Love About Hardwick

A Community Project

While out riding the back roads in search of lawn sales with my partner a few days ago, I remarked that one of the things I’ve always loved about the part of the state we live in is that there’s almost always a back road shortcut to get from one town to another that’s more efficient than taking the paved route.  Our back roads are a perfect analogy for what I love most about our community and the people in it: we’re all connected.



Community Meeting in Hardwick

10 am - Noon, Every 2nd Thursday

3rd Floor of The Memorial Building in Hardwick


2018 Block Party

Saturday, September 8, 2018



Community Partners