"Love is an action, never simply a feeling."

~bell hooks


Who inspires you to live wholeheartedly?This year, send them a

WholeHeart Valentine of Gratitude!

Your donation of $25 per valentine to the WholeHeart Scholarship Fund will expand the reach of our programs to those who otherwise would be unable to attend. 

Your generosity honors both inspiring leaders & emerging leaders to live with integrity & vision.


  • For every $25 donation, we will send a Valentine of Gratitude to someone you inspires you. 

  • Please include the names and postal or email addresses in the paypal "insructions to merchants" or email them info@wholeheartinc.org.  Donations received by Feb. 11th will prompt personalized valentines to be mailed via the post. 

  • After Feb. 11th, on-line cards will be emailed on Valentine's Day.   

WholeHeart thanks you on behalf of the individuals and organizations who
are impacted by your generosity as well as the communities they serve.


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If you prefer to make a donation by check,

please send it directly to WholeHeart's winter abode: 

88 High Meadow Lane
Richmond, VT 05477


S P R E A D   T H E   W O R D

Do you know someone who could benefit from our work? Share what we do with them or sponsor a future participant with scholarship at an upcoming WholeHeart event.

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A sample of the Valentine which will be personalized with your name and addressed to the person you are sending it to:  

2018 Valentine Sample.png