"Only love is big enough to hold all the pain of this world.” -Sharon Salzberg

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Take a love-action today!

Who inspires you to live wholeheartedly?

For every $25 donated to the WholeHeart Scholarship Fund we will send a Valentine of Gratitude to those who inspire you.

Scholarship funding enables a wider circle of participants to align their lives with what matters in their hearts. Your donation weaves a web of community connection, paying the inspiration forward with big love-in-action.

For a postal Valentine delivery, donations need to be received by February 8th, 2019, after which e-Valentines may be sent up until February 14th.

If you prefer to donate by check (our preference, saving us the 6% in online/credit card fees),

please make it out to WholeHeart and send it to: 

88 High Meadow Lane
Richmond, VT 05477

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S P R E A D   T H E   W O R D

Do you know someone who could benefit from our work? Share what we do with them or sponsor a future participant with scholarship at an upcoming WholeHeart event.

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