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WholeHeart is pleased to be partnering with Treleven, "a learning & retreat collaborative that encourages responsible stewardship of natural resources, reverence for the world around us, thoughtful action to address to address issues of social justice, and innovative integration of these values with the way people actually live their lives."  

This spring and fall, we are thrilled to collaborate to bring Intergenerational Leadership Exchanges to Treleven!   WholeHeart has been offering Exchanges for three years in the Northeast Kingdom and through conversations that took seed two years ago, we are pleased to weave this form of gathering with Treleven's commitment to community and place-based wisdom.  

More information will be available in January.  Until then, mark your calendars and begin to be curious what is being seeded in your own leadership!

Saturday, May 19, 10-4

Saturday, Oct. 20, 10-4