Cross-generational wisdom sharing enables us to weave our work into a richer, stronger tapestry. Using a workshop model initiated by the Berrett-Koehler Foundation, the Leadership Exchange brings together intergenerational leaders from a variety of fields and backgrounds for a day-long think-tank in which to exchange ideas, inspiration, and practical means for addressing today's most critical concerns. 

Leadership Exchanges Provide:

  • Spaciousness for reflection 
  • Small group discussion & collaboration
  • Opportunity to challenge generational myths
  • Lessons from the natural world
  • Collective inspiration to lead with conviction & grace 
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Fall Exchange: Saturday, September 29, 2018

We are all in this together, yet we are also leading individual lives. Take time to come together with others across  generations to explore personal and professional edges of leadership. The beautiful setting of the Green Mountain Monastery provides inspiration to weave together the threads of our journeys. Breathe fresh air into your vision while building new connections for the journey ahead.  

"Everyone who draws a breath "takes the lead" many times a day...Our lives as leaders both demand and deserve reflection.  They demand reflection because we must know what is in our hearts, lest our leadership do more harm than good.  They deserve reflection because it is often challenging to sustain the heart to lead."  
~Parker J. Palmer

    Vergennes, VT: TRELEVEN Farm 

    Women's Leadership Exchange

    Fall Exchange: Saturday, October 6, 2018

    Treleven is a learning & retreat collaborative that encourages responsible stewardship of natural resources, reverence for the world around us, thoughtful action to address issues of social justice, and innovative integration of these values with the way people actually live their lives."  

    This Women's Leadership Exchange at Treleven Farm is a unique opportunity for intergenerational female leaders to come together in a beautiful and safe space to explore questions at the heart of their leadership with honesty and integrity.